We have expanded the reach of absorbable polymers into formulations that were once thought impossible. Polyurethane is now completely hydrolysable with fully tunable physical, mechanical and degradation properties. Novel polymer formulations are more biological with the addition of amino acids and other natural products right in the polymer backbone. And our polymers are not just a scaffold that provides mechanical integrity; functional characteristics such as antimicrobial properties and controlled release of drugs such as nitric oxide and aspirin are added to expand the therapeutic value and indications of your device.

PLGA & Beyond PLGA

Polymers that are designed to degrade under physiological conditions are referred to as absorbable polymers.

Absorbable Polyurethanes

Imagine polyurethanes that are completely hydrolysable, biocompatible and have tunable physical and mechanical …

Functionalized Amino Acid Polymers

Synthetic absorbable polymers derived from natural amino acids have excellent engineering properties, tunable…

Functionalized Natural Products

We provide a portfolio of functionalized isoflavonoids which can be used either as polymers or monomers for extended…

Hydrolysable Amines

At Bezwada Biomedical, we are pleased to offer a portfolio of hydrolysable amines for a variety of…

Nitric Oxide & Drug Releasing Polymers

Imagine an absorbable macromer or polymer that releases nitric oxide and drug simultaneously at a…

PEG Derivatives (Acrylates and Methacrylates)

At Bezwada Biomedical, we are pleased to offer a portfolio of hydrolysable PEG and Pluronic based…


Polyoxaester development is based on aliphatic diacids possessing oxygen atoms adjacent to their α-carbons….



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