Bioinks for 3D Printing

PEG acrylates/methacrylates and PLGA bioinks

NSF SBIR Phase II Award Recipient

Bezwada Biomedical is proud to receive an NSF award on bioabsorbable tissue adhesive development

Specialty Absorbable Polymers

PLGA and Beyond PLGA for medical devices, drug delivery and regenerative medicine

Absorbable Polyurethanes

Completely hydrolysable, medical grade, with tunable properties

Absorbable Polyoxaesters

New hydrophilic polymer for drug delivery

Absorbable Biomaterials Innovators

We specialize in absorbable polymers for biomedical applications and that is all we do. We can geek out all day long about polymer chemistry but promise to share only as much as you need to know to pick the right polymer for your device design.

Our absorbable polymers are used as bioinks, adhesion prevention barriers, absorbable drug eluting stent coatings, tissue adhesives and sealants, medical device coatings, drug delivery polymers, drug device combinations, absorbable implantable devices and tissue engineering biomaterial scaffolds.

Absorbable biomaterial design innovation is our specialty. If you are ready to look beyond PLGA for superior fully tunable properties, get in touch to discuss your application requirements.

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Over 50 US and European Patents Issued
bsorbable Monomers & Polymers

Absorbable Monomers & Polymers

Over 1000 New Monomers Developed

ISO 13485 Certified
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Absorbable Biomaterials Innovators


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