As medical device and regenerative medicine therapies move to more biological biomaterials that are resorbed after implantation, absorbable polymers play a key role in providing structural and mechanical integrity in vivo while remodeling takes place. Absorbable polymer properties are fine tuned so that the degradation rate is not faster than the remodeling rate to ensure implant safety and efficacy. With the advent of 3D printing and personalized medicine, absorbable polymers that can be used as bioinks for additive manufacturing by the bedside for patient-specific devices and therapies are in high demand. Several of our polymer formulations such as absorbable polyurethanes, PLA, PCL and PDS polymers and copolymers can be used as bioinks in additive manufacturing.

3D Printing

3D printing has taken off in biomedical applications, and regulatory agencies such as the FDA…

Tissue Engineering

Absorbable polymers are used in many regenerative medicine applications including scaffolds in tissue engineering…

Medical Devices

More and more medical device designs are moving to absorbable biomaterials that can respond to in vivo stimuli and are…

Controlled Drug Delivery

Imagine an absorbable polymer where drug molecule is a part of the polymer backbone, which upon hydrolysis…

Wound Healing

Absorbable polymers play a key role in wound healing and adhesion prevention. Sutures, staples, pledgets…



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