Wound Healing

Biodegradable polymers play a key role in wound healing and adhesion prevention. Sutures, staples, pledgets, and clips are commonly resorbable biomaterials that allow for wound healing during degradation. Several designs are enhanced with absorbable biomaterials that have antimicrobial properties and even release drugs or other natural products that promote wound healing. Our bioabsorbable polymers provide all these capabilities and are perfectly suited as tissue sealants for wound healing and adhesion prevention applications. Our biocompatible polymers have tunable degradation rates so that the tissue adhesive can degrade in the body when it is no longer needed. Bezwada Biomedical’s biodegradable polyurethanes, for example, are well-suited for wound healing devices and offer excellent handling properties for surgeons and other medical professionals. Get in touch with us to discuss your wound healing device requirements.

Absorbable PDS Polymers

Available PDS Copolymers

PDS (PDO or polydioxanone) polymer is formed from homopolymerization of p-dioxanone monomer. It is used in a number of medical device products due to its low toxicity, stiffness, and flexibility.

Bezwada Biomedical is pleased to offer a range of DYED & UNDYED PDS DIOXOMAXX® polymers and copolymers for research & product development in:

  • Encapsulation and Controlled Drug Delivery
  • Barbed Suture and Meshes
  • Suture Clips
  • Ligating Clip
  • Tissue Reconstruction
  • Bone Fixation
  • Elastomeric Films and Medical Device Coatings

Nitric Oxide & Drug Releasing Absorbable Polymers

Available PDS Copolymers

Imagine a biodegradable macromer or polymer that releases nitric oxide and drug simultaneously at a controlled rate while providing the functional performance you need to make your application a success.
At Bezwada Biomedical, we not only imagined it, we turned it into reality.

  • Rate of release of drug and NO as well as the amount released can be controlled
  • Hydrolysable linker repeat units derived from safe and biocompatible molecules
  • One and more than one NO releasing moiety per drug molecule are provided
  • NO and drug releasing polyurethanes and polyesters
Covalent Linkage

NO and Aspirin Releasing Dimer

Hydrolysable linkages

NO and Aspirin releasing oligomers with varying hydrolytic degradation rates

NO and Aspirin releasing oligomers

Biodegradable Polyurethanes

Discover our unique and proprietary biodegradable polyurethanes with completely hydrolysable hard segments. Our absorbable polyurethanes are completely hydrolysable, biocompatible, and have tunable physical and mechanical properties, similar to those of commercially available medical grade biostable polyurethanes.

Key features and benefits of absorbable polyurethanes include:

  • Completely hydrolysable into safe and biocompatible products
  • Possess for the fist time hydrolysable hard segments
  • Tunable physical/mechanical properties and hydrolytic degradation profiles
  • Toughness and mechanical properties similar to commercially available medical
  • grade polyurethanes and the absorbability of commercial biodegradable polymers

Schedule your call with our technical lead to learn more.

Download Absorbable Polyurethanes PDF

Absorbable Amino Acid Polymers

Our synthetic absorbable polymers derived from natural amino acids have excellent engineering properties, tunable hydrolysis profiles, and upon absorption release safe and biocompatible molecules and amino acid at the site of action as such in a controlled manner.

Key features and benefits of these amino acid polymers include:

  • Amino acids such as tyrosine and lysine are a part of the polymer backbone
  • Completely hydrolysable into safe and biocompatible products and amino acids
  • Tunable hydrolysis profile
  • Therapeutic value of amino acid delivered at the site of action in a controlled manner
  • Excellent engineering properties

Download Absorbable Amino Acid Polymers PDF



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