Serving the Healthcare Community

The novel and proprietary family of biodegradable polymers developed by Bezwada Biomedical can be classified into the following categories

(a) Bioabsorbable and biocompatible polyurethanes and polyamides derived from degradable isocyanates
(b) Absorbable polymers derived from functionalized phenolics
(c) Absorbable polymers derived from functionalized amino acids
(d) Absorbable polymers derived from functionalized drug molecules

The key attributes of all these different categories of biodegradable polymers are:
  • Bioabsorbable/Biocompatible/Biodegradable
  • Derived from monomers prepared by functionalization of natural products, amino acids and drug molecules of interest with safe and biocompatible building blocks including glycolic, lactic acid, caprolactone and p-dioxanone.
  • Can be tailored for specific end use applications
  • Chemistry used to synthesize monomers and polymers is simple and economical.
Each of these categories of designed to degrade polymers represents a platform technology capable of generating products with a wide range of therapeutic applications. The polymers will find applications in
  • Minimally invasive surgery as absorbable tissue adhesive and sealant
  • Drug delivery and wound care
  • Medical devices
  • Tissue engineering
If you need further information about our platform technologies, please feel free to contact us.