Serving the Healthcare Community

Think Absorbable.Think Bezwada Biomedical

At Bezwada Biomedical, we understand the challenges and risks involved in bringing highly differentiated and technically advanced bioabsorbable product to the market. By combining our years of experience and unequaled expertise in developing absorbable polymers, we evaluate the individual needs of our customers and develop smart, value added solutions ideally matched to their end-use requirements.

We invite you to look upon us and our catalog as a resource for not only absorbable monomers, macromers and polymers but information and ideas. With our exciting patent pending absorbable technology platform we would like to help our customers to get ahead of the competition.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is that in addition to R&D facilities in USA, we have state-of-the-art custom synthesis, upscaling, analytical, contract research and manufacturing facility located in India. This enables us to develop, manufacture and deliver high quality and highly differentiated polymeric biomaterials at a reduced cost.

We are ready to work with you today, and the sooner we begin collaborating, the quicker you can expand your technology platform and product portfolio. In addition, our ongoing research and development work promises the potential for even more exciting opportunities. So contact us today to discuss how we can meet your current needs and work together for a better tomorrow.

Rao S Bezwada, Ph.D.