Functionalized Drugs and Polymers Derived Therefrom


Bezwada Biomedical LLC announced today the issuance of United States Patent No. 7,691,364 entitled, “Functionalized Drugs and polymers derived therefrom.” This patent covers the functionalized drugs which can be used as monomers for preparation of absorbable therapeutic polymers which incorporate drug molecules in the polymer backbone chain.

The technology covered in this patent offers the following advantages against the competing technologies:

Drug molecule is a part of the absorbable therapeutic polymer backbone. The polymer upon hydrolysis in-situ releases the drug molecule as such at the site. This prevents or minimizes premature loss of efficacy of the drug while eliminating the associated side effects.
The drug molecule forms a significant component of the polymer backbone resulting in a delivery of a highly effective and potent dose.
The rate of release of drug a molecule can be controlled at the site of action by the structure of the polymer leading to no-burst effects in delivery.
There is no need to use excipients or solubility modifiers, as the drug is incorporated into polymer architecture. This eliminates issues associated with compatibility.
The polymers comprised of these functionalized drug molecules are highly likely to be radiation, gamma and EtO sterilizable.

The patent also covers the polymers containing these functionalized drugs wherein the drug molecule is a pendant group. In addition, the patent also covers the application of these functionalized drug molecules, corresponding monomers and derived absorbable polymers in a variety of biomedical applications. Some of the key application areas for this technology include controlled drug delivery, formulations for pain management, wound healing, topical therapeutic creams and cosmetic applications.

Potential Applications include:

  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Advanced wound repair
  • Veterinary applications
  • Topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory creams

This patent represents a significant step and a major technical achievement in creating new innovative ways for drug delivery.

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