About Bezwada Biomedical

Bezwada Biomedical LLC is a privately-held biomaterials company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative, proprietary, absorbable monomers and polymers for various biomedical applications and next-generation medical devices. we work with and for our customers to translate their demands into high quality products for a wide range of medical device and therapeutic applications in a cost effective manner.

Since our inception in 2003, or team of over twenty qualified and skilled scientists has developed a strong technology and product portfolio comprising six absorbable platform technologies. These technology platforms have great potential in developing new medical devices and controlled drug delivery.

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in the area of absorbable polyurethanes, absorbable polymers derived from functionalized natural products, drug molecules and amino acids, adhesion prevention barriers, absorbable drug eluting stent coatings, tissue adhesive and sealant, medical device coatings, drug delivery, drug device combination, absorbable implantable devices and tissue engineering.

Bezwada Biomedical offers generic and custom polymers for biomedical applications (PLGA and beyond PLGA). Our polymers include:




Dyed & Undyed caprolactone homopolymers (PCL) & copolymers of caprolactone with glycolide (PCL/PGA), L-lactide (PCL/PLA), D,L-lactide (PCL/PDLA), p-dioxanone (PCL/PDS) and trimethylene carbonate (PCL/PTMC).


L-lactide & D, L-Lactide homopolymers (PLA & PDLA) & copolymers of L-lactide and D, L-lactide with caprolactone (PLA/PCL & PDLA/PCL), glycolide (PLA/PGA & PDLA/PGA), p-dioxanone (PLA/PDS & PDLA/PDS), lactide (PLA/PDLA) and trimethylene carbonate (PLA/PTMC & PDLA/PTMC).


Glycolide homopolymers (PGA) & copolymers of glycolide with caprolactone (PGA/PCL), L-lactide (PGA/PLA), D, L-lactide (PGA/PDLA),  p-dioxanone (PGA/PDS) and trimethylene carbonate (PGA/PTMC).


Dyed & Undyed p-dioxanone homopolymers (PDS) & copolymers of p-dioxanone with caprolactone (PDS/PCL), L-lactide (PDS/PLA), D, L-lactide (PDS/PDLA), glycolide (PDS/PGA) and trimethylene carbonate (PDS/PTMC).


Trimethylene carbonate homopolymers (PTMC) & copolymers of trimethylene carbonate with caprolactone (PTMC/PCL), L-lactide (PTMC/PLA), D, L-lactide (PTMC/PDLA), glycolide (PTMC/PGA) and p-dioxanone (PTMC/PDS).

In addition, we also provide custom synthesis, material characterization, contract research services. With facilities in the US and India and over 80 years of cumulative experience, we have fueled the success of many medical device companies and universities. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we follow good manufacturing practices.

Our Biomedical R&D  Facilities

Bezwada Biomedical operates in a state-of-the-art 6,000 square-foot corporate R&D facility in New Jersey, as well as a 5,000 square-foot custom synthesis, upscaling, analytical, contract research and manufacturing facility located in Hyderabad: the heart of the thriving biotech and pharmaceutical community in India.

These facilities enable us to develop, manufacture and deliver high quality and highly differentiated polymeric biomaterials at a reduced cost. In addition, our presence in India is a valuable asset that has helped us recognize geographical market specifics in the Asian region, including technology and product development challenges and solutions.