Serving the Healthcare Community

In order to realize our goal of making a difference in the lives of thousands of people by enabling them to lead happier and healthier lives, we at Bezwada Biomedical are constantly engaged in the business of developing high quality and cost effective products based on our innovative and promising absorbable polymer based technology platforms. To further capitalize on the wealth of opportunities afforded by our proprietary technologies, we follow the business strategy outlined below:
  • Design, develop and commercialize novel absorbable polymeric biomaterials and products based on them in close R&D relationships/partnerships with medical device manufacturers and biomaterial based companies.
  • Establish intimate relationships with our customers and involve them early on during the development process by putting in place appropriate joint development, confidentiality disclosure and material transfer agreements based on their end use applications.
  • License technology to our customer.
  • We will not compete with customer applications.

We also offer the following services to meet immediate and long-term needs of our customers
  • Contract research in areas of drug delivery and tissue engineering.
  • Custom synthesis of biocompatible and absorbable monomers and polymers for applications in medical devices and absorbable stent coatings.