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Bioabsorbable and Biocompatible Polyurethanes and Polyamides for Medical Devices


Bezwada Biomedical has been granted the issuance of United States Patent No. 7,772,352 entitled, “Bioabsorbable and Biocompatible Polyurethanes and Polyamides for Medical Devices.” This newly-issued patent covers the highly reactive isocyanates that are similar to Methylene bis(phenylisocyanate) (MDI) but are biodegradable and have tunable hydrolytic degradation profiles.
What distinguishes these isocyanates from the commonly used isocyanate, MDI, is the presence of a degradable linkage bridging the aromatic rings instead of the non-degradable methylene group. Furthermore, the degradable linkage in our isocyanates is derived from safe and biocompatible glycolic acid, lactic acid, caprolactone, p-dioxanone and diols. These isocyanates can be used as monomers for preparation of absorbable polyurethanes.

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